A healthy organizational culture, and especially its proper communication, is the basis for the development of an employer brand.

We offer personalized services for the construction and development of the employer brand:

  • Employer Brand Audit
  • Identifying the company's own values and their strategic communication
  • Internal communication for employer brand development
  • External communication for employer brand development
  • Organize special events and moments for employees
  • Organizing teambuildings
  • Online employee loyalty campaigns
  • Redefining organizational culture

We offer personalized services for CSR:

  • Audit CSR
  • Build CSR Strategy
  • Identification of CSR communication channels and channels
  • Implement CSR campaigns
  • Relationship with NGOs, authorities and the press

What makes us different?

We have a deep understanding of the cause and the effect and we know how to use the right mechanisms to build healthy and thorough employer brand.

Knowledge of organizational culture and especially strategies for redefining organizational culture require a complex process of analysis, synthesis, abstraction, innovation, actions that we include in the implementation of each Employer Branding or CSR project.